Seasoned Business Counsel

For small-business owners and entrepreneurs, the value of having access to seasoned legal guidance is hard to overstate. Being able to make informed decisions in a timely fashion may be the advantage your business needs to be able to outperform your competition.

businessWe offer a wide range of services to small-business owners, including assistance with:

  • Contracts
  • Formation (corporations, partnerships, LLCs, sole proprietorships)
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Succession
  • Real estate
  • Operating agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

Startups, Formation And Entity Choice

How you choose to begin your business can have a huge impact on a host of critical issues over the life of your business. We can help you understand how different types of business entities can affect issues such as taxes, control of the business and succession among other issues.

The Benefits Of Developing Long-Standing Relationships With Our Clients

We aim to be there for our business clients in an ongoing basis. Maintaining in-house counsel is costly and most business owners have better opportunities to devote resources to. By developing ongoing relationships, we are able to get to know our clients and jump in at a moment's notice without the delay of needing to be brought up to speed. This allows us to offer highly effective and efficient solutions that help our clients' businesses thrive.

Committed To Serving Your Needs

At Mark E. Tillery, Attorney at Law, PLLC, we are here to offer our business clients the full support they need no matter what issues they are facing. Our experience can help your business make smart choices and avoid costly disruptions as well as effective resolutions to problems that could not be avoided. Attorney Mark E. Tillery brings a unique perspective as a lawyer and former CPA. That perspective helps him have a more clear understanding of the financial impacts your business may face and how to best deal with them.

Small-Business Lawyer Serving Knoxville And Throughout Tennessee

Mark E. Tillery, Attorney at Law, PLLC, offers counsel and advocacy that small-business owners and entrepreneurs can rely on to protect their investments. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 865-643-8085 or contact us online.