Making The Probate Process Easier For You

probateLosing a loved one is a difficult experience. It is especially overwhelming when you have been named as a personal representative and you have to handle the responsibility of shepherding your loved one's estate through the probate process while you are grieving.

The probate process is complex and unfamiliar for most people. There are many reasons to secure the seasoned guidance of an experienced lawyer to help you through the probate process:

  • You deserve time to grieve in peace
  • Any mistakes can create personal liability

From dealing with the possibility of estate taxes and paying off debts to inventorying and disbursing the estate according to your loved one's will, there are numerous aspects that need to be successfully completed by personal representatives.

The Help You Need When You Have Been Named As A Personal Representative

We can help ensure that your loved one's estate is properly handled and that it is effectively moved through the probate process. We work to take the weight off your shoulders so that you spend time with your loved ones and focus on what matters most.

Committed To Serving Your Needs

At Mark E. Tillery, Attorney at Law, PLLC, our firm understands the burden that serving as a personal representative can be. You owe a responsibility to the loved one whose affairs need to be taken care of, but you also deserve to be able to grieve and to have confidence that the estate is being properly handled by someone experienced with the probate process. We offer our clients representation that is effective and focused on delivering the outcomes they need. Attorney Mark E. Tillery knows the courts and how to coordinate all of the elements that are necessary for an estate to smoothly proceed through probate.

Probate Attorney Serving Knoxville And Throughout Tennessee

When you have to bear the burden of serving as personal representative, you do not have to do it alone. Turn to Mark E. Tillery, Attorney at Law, PLLC, for representation that can take that weight off your shoulders. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 865-643-8085 or contact us online.